Breast Lift with Implant in San Diego, CA

What Is A Breast Lift with Implant?

Many women experience issues with their breasts as they get older, including sagging and loss of volume. Some women experience both, creating a droopy, deflated appearance around the chest. For women who want to restore breast volume while removing excess skin, Dr. Jose Rodriguez is pleased to perform breast lifts (mastopexy) with implants. This procedure, offered at our San Diego, CA plastic surgery office, begins by removing loose chest skin before inserting silicone or saline implants to reach your desired size. Breast surgery with augmentation and lift improves multiple concerns, including size, shape, and position to create younger, perkier-looking breasts. Schedule a consultation at Rodriguez Plastic Surgery to discuss your concerns, and learn more about how we can help you discover a more confident, shapely look.

How Does A Breast Lift with Implant Work?

At Rodriguez Plastic Surgery, we perform breast lifts with implants from our office's private operating room using general anesthesia for your comfort and safety. In most cases, the lift portion of the surgery is done first. Any excess skin is removed and the surrounding tissue is smoothed. Dr. Rodriguez will discuss the options available for breast implants with you before the surgery so your implants can be easily placed. In some patients, the nipple and/or areola will need to be moved to fit your new breast size and shape.

What Are the Benefits of A Breast Lift with Implants?

Time, weight loss, childbirth, and more can affect the look of the breasts, influencing your physical features and self-image alike. By combining breast lift and augmentation procedures, Rodriguez Plastic Surgery can help address these issues while providing a range of benefits, including:

  • Carves out and defines the breasts
  • Repositions and reshapes the nipples
  • Boosts breast shape and size
  • Reduces the size of the areolas
  • Provides customizable factors for your specific requirements
  • Enlarges or reduces breast size
  • Relieves lowered and shifted breasts
  • Achieves a bouncier, younger aesthetic

Dr. Rodriguez and staff are the best!! My surgery results turned out amazing. I would recommend him 110%

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Lift and Reshape Your Breasts

Attain the appearance you dream about by arranging a breast lift with implants at Rodriguez Plastic Surgery. Dr. Rodriguez can help you develop a personalized treatment plan that meets your concerns and wants so you can have beautiful results. By improving the position, size, shape, and skin of your breasts, your surgical augmentation and lift can give you a more youthful appearance. Schedule a consultation with the staff at our San Diego, CA office to learn more information about your options for breast surgery.

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