Gynecomastia Treatment in San Diego, CA

What Is Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia is the medical term for when a male patient has pronounced breasts. This condition is one that can create a female-like chest due to the increase of growing breast tissue. In many cases, gynecomastia is related to an underlying hormonal condition. It can also be caused by certain medications, steroids, weight gain, or genetics. Men with this issue often feel anxious and worried, most commonly in circumstances where the chest is seen, such as at the beach, pool, or in the gym. San Diego, CA plastic surgeon Dr. Jose Rodriguez offers male breast reduction surgery for men who have gynecomastia. This surgical procedure has a very high success rate and is one of the more popular cosmetic treatments for men at Rodriguez Plastic Surgery.

How Does Gynecomastia Surgery Work?

Male breast reduction surgery is performed at our office in San Diego, CA using liposuction. While you are under general anesthesia, Dr. Rodriguez will remove excess fat from the internal chest region. Afterward, any loose skin will be carefully trimmed away to produce a taut look, and then the areola and nipple will be placed into a proper position. For most men, this technique requires a small incision close to where the glandular tissue resides. Once the fat and loose skin have been appropriately handled, Dr. Rodriguez will pull and tighten the remaining skin.

What Are the Benefits of Gynecomastia Treatment?

For the majority of men, gynecomastia, or extra breast tissue, can cause embarrassment and issues with body image. Male breast reduction surgery at Rodriguez Plastic Surgery can help address these problems while providing a range of benefits, including:

  • Frees you from needing to wear a shirt at the beach or pool
  • Yields a slimmer, more chiseled look
  • Provides improvements that are visible and last a long time
  • Achieves a stronger, manlier look
  • Adds definition to the pectoral muscles
  • Takes out undesirable fat tissue in the chest region
  • Reshapes and contours the chest
  • Elevates self-image and confidence
  • Makes working out and high-impact activities easier
  • Recovery time is often brief

Jose bedside manner and his ability to repair my damages. i hade a dog bite with a huge chunk of my cheek missing. as i arrived at the hospital I thought I would be mangled forever. even the staff gasped. Dr Jose was called in and took his time and care and really did an amazing job as if it was effortless. his attention to detail and repair was beyond my expectations and I recommend him. his reconstruction I could not believe was possible. This man saved my face !!!!!!!!

D.H. Google

Dr. Rodriguez and staff are the best!! My surgery results turned out amazing. I would recommend him 110%

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Very happy with my physical change, thank you very much dc Rodríguez Highly recommended for their good work and good service 😃

A.M. Google

Dr. Rodriguez and his staff are fantastic! My breast augmentation turned out perfectly!! He is concerned about every detail from education to making sure every step of the process goes as expected. Thank you for making me feel more confident in my appearance!!

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If you suffer from embarrassment or low self-esteem due to gynecomastia, we welcome you to call our office and schedule a private consult with Dr. Rodriguez to learn about male breast reduction at Rodriguez Plastic Surgery. Let our experienced staff help you reclaim your confidence when you're at the gym or the beach. Reach out to our office in San Diego, CA to learn more about solutions for gynecomastia.

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